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Xbox, Microsoft

In 2012, I departed from the world of commercial production and advertising to join the Xbox One design team at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

I designed motion for the Xbox One dashboard, many of it's core features in the shell system, and worked closely with visual designers and engineers to develop a consistent motion language across the Xbox One ecosystem. When we shipped the product, I was also awarded 5 patents with really long and strange names!

Part of my responsibilities as a motion designer was to explore new and novel interaction models with motion. Of course, I can't show any of that pre-visualization and concept work here for a plethora of reasons, but if you close your eyes for a moment and imagine neat things animating about in a futuristic manner with impressive "whoosh" sounds, that's exactly what I worked on.


In 2012 I had the opportunity to join the Xbox Design Team to help define the all-up motion language for Xbox One. I worked closely with visual, user experience, and interaction designers along with design developers to create a consistent motion vernacular across the shell ecosystem. I wish it were possible for me to share some of the development and exploratory work here, which was super cool, however the nature of my non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft forbids it. Sorry.


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