House, M.D.



Design / Animation / VFX / Photography


Digital Kitchen

FOX wanted to reinvigorate the title sequence for HOUSE M.D., so myself and the team at Digital Kitchen pitched a few ideas to them which included a short experimental film  I made ages ago. Ultimately, the film inspiried a large portion of the final sequence.

I led the microscopy film efforts in addition to design, animation, and VFX compositing.

My favorite experience during production was the several weeks spent performing R&D on compelling microscopy techniques. I investigated dozens upon dozens of potentially interesting materials, chemicals, mixtures, water types, and environmental states (like frozen vs melting) for the shoot.

It was incredibly humbling to work on this title sequence. Our contribution was but a small addition to the gorgeous work of the original designers and filmmakers who hand-crafted this with much love.


FOX Network wanted to refresh the title sequence for House, M.D. season 7. Myself and the crew at Digital Kitchen were happy to oblige. I led the microscopy filming / VFX work and contributed to design, color, and animation.


Design / Animation / Photography / VFX


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